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Check This Spot for Weather Closings

In the event that we have hazardous weather, closings will be posted here immediately. We will also post it on the Facebook page and with local news outlets. If we need to cancel kids and youth ministries on Wednesdays, we are closed when the Park Hill School District is out that day. If ... more

Sunday Message

The hardest lessons come when we look at something we thought we had down, only to find we didn't get it at all. The enemies of the Lord Jesus thought they were really quite righteous, until they found out that loving their neighbor meant they had to love Samaritans too. Pastor ... more

Upcoming Events!

--We have a lot of upcoming events this fall and winter within the senior high youth ministry. Below are a list of times, dates, and costs for each event! -----John Crist concert in St. Joseph: Nov. 29th $30---Thursday Dec. 6th Ski trip meeting 7:00 PM---Dec. 7th skating and shopping at ... more

Helping the Homeless at City Union Mission

City Union Mission is a HUGE ministry. They have the men's shelter that feeds and houses over 200 men each night of the year, sometimes many more than that. They have a long term men's program that takes over a year to teach and disciple men who never had the kind of things a family ... more

Chadbourns Are Missionaries of the Quarter

Our missionaries of thequarter for October through December are Jonathan and Sarah Chadbourn. They are missionaries with the Rural HomeMissionary Association. They do churchplanting and strengthening of churches in small towns and rural areas all overAmerica. They have ministered toliterally ... more
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