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Our Mission for Ministry


Captivated by the love of Christ, 

centered on BIBLE TEACHING

built up in FELLOWSHIP


empowered by PRAYER





Our Aspirations & Values


To preach and teach the word of God - that each of our church family may have a clear understanding of God’s word, and the tools to put it into practice.

To ground our vision and ministry in prayer - to emphasize prayer in every area!  The army that wins advances on its knees!

To promote effective and enthusiastic worship - we will seek to provide worship times that lift our spirits, minds and emotions toward God.

To equip God’s people for the work of the ministry - it is our desire to provide ministry training in the areas of leadership, evangelism, people-helping, marriage and parenting.

To foster open communication among us as a body - we will seek

to follow the teaching of Scripture to “speak the truth in love”.  If

something cannot be said in love, it shouldn’t be said.

To build nurturing relationships in the body - we will pursue development in the area of small group ministry across the spectrum of age-group, interest & needs.

To seek creative ways to reach the lost - we will provide training in the area

of personal evangelism and seek to put on or take part in evangelistic efforts.

To promote a global focus in ministry - as with our long tradition, we will continue to give missions our wholehearted support.

To continually seek ways to pursue the ministry of benevolence - We desire to be alert to ways we can help those among us who are in need. 

To keep looking for ways to have an atmosphere that says “welcome” - we will seek to maintain an alertness to new people and making them feel welcome with us.

To provide a facility adequate to do excellent ministry - We will seek to set

forth a long-range plan to provide an excellent facility, with creative

thought, broad-based involvement, and responsible stewardship.




The Word of God, comprising the Old and New Testaments, shall constitute our role of faith and practice, granting the privilege of private interpretation upon non-essentials.


The church shall be and remain independent.  It shall not be now, nor at any time hereafter, under any denomination or federation of denominations which deny the fundamentals of the faith and it shall remain free of all associations which would lessen the freedom of the local church.


Unbaptized persons shall be taught the scriptural place of believer’s baptism.  Immersion shall be the mode of baptism.


No set time shall be prescribed for the observing of the Lord’s Table but it shall be at the discretion of the Pastor and Board and shall be open to all born-again believers.


All persons confessing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior may be received into the church after favorable action by the Pastor and the Board.

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